Affiliate Partners

Savvy Partners Ready to Serve

Affiliate Partners in the Indiana Rural Health Business Partner Network stand ready to leverage their experience and expertise for healthcare operational and administrative challenges faced in a 21st Century regulatory environment. These companies and consultants represent qualified businesses.

Blue & Company

Blue & Company is highly specialized in healthcare with professionals who devote 100% of their time to the healthcare industry and currently serve many IRHA members. We are organized in teams including audit and accounting, reimbursement, accounts receivable, physician and tax, and medical coding keeping abreast of Indiana and federal healthcare issues well in advance of the ultimate implementation and impact of those issues. We have registered lobbyists who are proactively involved in shaping the healthcare landscape.


As a trusted partner and compassionate advocate, we are a leading provider of comprehensive eligibility and enrollment services and claims resolution for hospitals, patients, individuals and their families. For hospitals and providers, it’s an improved revenue cycle, educational resources and a better bottom line. For uninsured and underinsured patients, it’s caringly navigating them through the complex screening, enrollment and appeals process for federal, state and other health coverage options. As the health marketplace continues to evolve and new coverage options emerge, we will continue to guide our clients through the process, helping them understand the options available and what the changes mean for them.

We also provide fast, effective customized solutions that simplify and streamline the Medicaid billing process, delivering increased revenue and timely reimbursement for the state specific IEP special education services in schools across the country. Partnering with them, we work together to generate compensation for the cost of providing crucial health-related services to their special education services.

Design Collaborative

Design Collaborative provides architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering, interior design, and graphic design services for healthcare clients. We have expertise in a broad range of healthcare projects, from engineering-only boiler replacements and chiller studies to ED additions and hospital renovations, new physician clinics, and medical office buildings. We design people-first places—our projects are a reflection of your unique culture and organization, not a design trend or whim. Our process starts with true collaboration—we lead you and your stakeholders from the very beginning to drive a process that is more efficient, generates better buy-in, and results in fewer changes on the back-end. We offer expertise, not ego—we bring our experience and knowledge to your project, but never presume to know more than you about your facility, your patients, or your users.

Gregory and Appel Insurance

For 129 years, professionalism, hard work and commitment to our clients have fueled our growth. Our people are the driving force behind our firm. In 2009, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce named our company the 2nd Best Place to Work in Indiana.Since our start, we’ve been independent. This allows us to respond to our clients and their service needs without internal bureaucracy or external shareholder pressures. An unrelenting commitment to superior client service fosters continuous improvements in our products and services

When debate surrounded the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many businesses hesitated to put time and resources into the necessary preparations. While understandable, these companies are now months behind.

This is a critical planning year for businesses, and the primary focus will be cost containment and compliance. With deadlines and regulatory milestones looming, our employee benefits experts can help you develop a strategy to address ACA mandates and regulations head-on. We have all the resources you need to successfully navigate health care reform including:

• Compliance checklists and timelines
• Health care reform legislative updates and guides
• Employee education materials
• Health care reform video content
• Community forum
• Benchmarking

Visit us online at or call us at 317-634-7491 for more information.

Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium (InROC)

The Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium key partners include the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) as the lead entity, the Indiana Rural Schools Clinic Network and the Indiana Statewide Rural Health Network under the IRHA, and three rural and critical access hospitals: Logansport Memorial Hospital (Cass County); Fayette Regional Health System (Fayette County); and Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital (Lawrence County) in Indiana. The Consortium will establish the necessary infrastructure to develop a regional model for Opioid-Usage Disorder (OUD) through the deployment of a universal screening and through the development of a preventive education model.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Amnah Anwar, MBBS
Epidemiology Specialist/Project Director
Office: 812-478-3919 ext. 231

Pain Management Group (PMG)

Pain Management Group (PMG) is a leading provider of balanced, quality, hospital-based pain management centers. PMG specializes in joint venture partnerships with hospitals to develop and operate pain management facilities that provide patients with the highest level of health care. Our diversely talented team works closely with partnering hospitals to organize pain as a service line and maximize hospital resources and services. PMG contracted physicians work with hospital clinical staff in a program that strengthens communities by helping patients return to work and a life uninhibited by pain.

Purdue Health Advisors

Purdue Healthcare Advisors (PHA) is a not-for-profit consulting resource from Purdue University focused on improving care, managing margins and facilitating compliance for our healthcare provider and association clients. PHA consults, coaches, and trains healthcare professionals in all capacities in both hospitals/health systems and physician practices. It has worked with more than 90 Indiana hospitals and assisted more than 2,300 Indiana physicians in the implementation of quality improvements initiatives at their practices.

TACORE Medical

TACORE Medical Inc. is a physician recruiting company which was founded in 2000 and has thrived entirely on word of mouth referrals. They have never, in 18 years, spent so much as a nickel on advertising, branding, or glossy tri-folds. They have always believed that if they do our job right, their clients will advertise for them. And they have.

Their approach to recruiting is largely grounded in their experiences as young college football coaches and of the insights they gained while being involved in recruiting high school athletes at the highest level. Now, they simply apply those insights, combined with the same aggressive approach, to recruiting physicians.