BH-Works Screenings

BH-Works Screenings: A web-based application that allows medical and non-medical organizations to screen patients, students, and others across multiple domains for mental and behavioral risks and concerns assessing 14 key social determinants.

We provide:

  1. Over 10 reimbursable web based screenings
  2. Instant reports and easy billing
  3. Measurable data and analytics 

Care Coordination

Care coordination is driving clinical, quality, and financial outcomes in population health and chronic care across emerging models of value-based care. The focus is on collaborating a relationship between provider, patient, and care manager to coordinate care and empower the patient to manage chronic conditions providing resources, education, and support.

We provide:

Software that is critical to record all the required components for reimbursement from CMS

Implementation to seamlessly get CCM, BHI, CoCM, and preventive screenings started or expanded within your organization (software, training, work flow, best practices, billing, and FAQ’s)

Health coach training for Chronic Care Managers/Health Coaches

Health coach tool box and smart care plans embedded into the software

Katie Conner, CHES
Implementation Coordinator
WhiteBark Corporation
812-478-3919 ext. 242
219-363-7121 [mobile]