Value-based Services

Care Coordination

Care coordination is driving clinical, quality, and financial outcomes in population health and chronic care across emerging models of value-based care. The focus is on collaborating a relationship between provider, patient, and care manager to coordinate care and empower the patient to manage chronic conditions providing resources, education, and support.

We provide:

  • Software that is critical to record all the required components for reimbursement from CMS
  • Implementation to seamlessly get CCM, BHI, CoCM, and preventive screenings started or expanded within your organization (software, training, work flow, best practices, billing, and FAQ’s)
  • Health coach training for Chronic Care Managers/Health Coaches
  • Health coach tool box and smart care plans embedded into the software

Shortening the Learning Curve

WhiteBark Corporation brings assessment expertise and program design structure to organizations, which want to expand and optimize their Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs. We identify infrastructure needs including staffing, management, and technology needs and lay out a plan for implementation.

The results of a full CCM implementation are better patient outcomes and an enhancement to your traditional practice services and offerings. From health coaching to patient monitoring, our CCM program helps to minimize hospitalization length, lower readmission's rates, and eliminate ED use. Additionally, patients are offered proactive solutions and partnership, creating higher patient satisfaction.

Gain positive revenue impact and shared savings incentives while carrying out personalized chronic care plans.

Our chronic care management system combines easy-to-use technology with exceptional service, providing comprehensive care coordination and complete implementation.

Our HIPAA-compliant patient enrollment process gathers all the information to effortlessly create care plans for every type of patient, regardless of disease state level. Since our technology integrates with your established programs, you gain transparency without the difficulty of merging disparate systems.

If you are considering outsourcing your CCM program, we even have certified clinical teams who can carry out required monthly tasks for optimum billing and recurring revenue.

Our CCM program can move you closer to meeting your Meaningful Use requirements as well as enabling Value-Based Care—all in the best interest of your clientele.

Financial Success

Our CCM system seamlessly manages the reimbursement process, optimizing effective utilization of the current CMS regulations.

Additionally, the CCM system:

  • Imports data without interface requirements
  • Creates monthly reports and documentation required by Medicare
  • Drives predictable revenue off the fee schedule

Through a streamlined process, profitable margins, and automated reports, you can create financial success for your business.

How Can We Help?

Beneficiaries of our CCM system includes primary care facilities, medical practices, home health and hospice, specialists, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

WhiteBark Corp. provides software solutions, detailed care plans, time tracking, and industry resources. Through our system for setup, documentation, and execution, we can help your ACO gain stellar results towards profitability.

Contact us today for a demonstration of our CCM system at your facility. 

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